Pure aluminum and aluminum alloy products are widely used, and often appear in shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, architectural decoration, tank manufacturing and other fields.

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Common Application Of Aluminum

Aluminum sheet/coil/circle, PE/PVDF coated aluminum sheets, powder coating aluminum panel cladding high quality manufacture

Application Of Aluminum Sheet

Application Of Aluminum Foil

Application Of Aluminum Coil

Application Of Aluminum Circle

Application Of Aluminum Strip

  • Aluminum sheets are used for building
  • marine aluminum sheets
  • roofing aluminum sheets
  • honeycomb aluminum sheets
  • aerospace aluminum sheets
  • aluminum sheets are used for road signs
  • aluminum sheets are used for cars
  • Honeycomb aluminum foil
  • Food packaging foil, Medicinal aluminum foil
  • Battery aluminum foil
  • Household aluminum foil
  • Hairdressing foil
  • Coated aluminum foil
  • Yogurt lid foil
  • Lunch box foil
  • Hydrophilic foil
  • Aluminum coils are used for roof decoration,
  • Aluminum coils for transportation
  • Aluminum coil for cables
  • Aluminum coil for kitchenware
  • Aluminum circle for kitchenware
  • Aluminum circle for road signs
  • Aluminum discs for lamps
  • Aluminum discs for plates
  • Aluminum discs for pots
  • Cable aluminum strip,
  • Transformer aluminum strip,
  • Air conditioning aluminum strip

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