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The difference between aluminium sheet 5005 and 5086

5005 aluminum plate and 5086 aluminum plate are both commonly used aluminum alloys in the 5000 series and are widely used in industrial manufacturing.
There are similarities in alloy composition and chemical properties between 5005 and 5086, but there are also some obvious differences.

1. Differences in alloy composition of aluminum plates.

5005 aluminum alloy plate uses magnesium as the main alloy element, and the magnesium content is 3~5%, so it is also called aluminum-magnesium alloy (Al-Mg); 5086 aluminum alloy uses magnesium silicon as the main alloy element, also called aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy (Al-Mg-Si). The addition of silicon also makes the 5086 aluminum plate stronger.

2. Aluminum alloy performance.

5005 aluminum alloy has high strength, especially fatigue resistance, high plasticity and corrosion resistance, is easy to weld, and has good anodizing effect; 5086 aluminum alloy has high strength, excellent weldability and corrosion resistance.

5005 5086 aluminum plate mechanical properties parameter
Item 5005 5086
Tensile Strength(MPa) ≥240 ≥240
Yield Strength(MPa) ≥160 ≥95
Elongation(%) ≥10 ≥12
Bending radius(mm) ≥150 ≥150
Hardness(HB) ≥95 ≥95
Density( kg/m³) 2.7×10³ 2.7×10³
Elastic modulus(GPa) 75~80 75~80
Poisson’s ratio 0.3~0.35 0.3~0.35
Fatigue resistance (MPa) ≥85 ≥85

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