5454 aluminum plate

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5454 aluminum plate

    Alloy 5454(5000 series)
    Temper O, H12, H16, H19, H28, H32, H34, H36, H38, H111, H112, H114, H116, H321
    Thickness 0.2mm-60mm
    Width 80mm-2650mm
    Length 120mm-10000mm
    Supplier Huawei Aluminum
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What is 5454 aluminum sheet?

What is 5454 aluminum metal material? 5454 aluminum plate alloy is an alloy in the deformed aluminum-magnesium series (5000 or 5xxx series). Aluminum plate 5454 alloy has medium to high strength and excellent weldability. Its properties are similar to 5154 aluminum plate. It is often used in welded structures such as pressure vessels and ships.

5454 aluminum sheet

5454 aluminum sheet chemical element content

5454 alloy metal content table (%)
Alloy Si Cu Mg Zn Mn Ti Cr Fe Others Al
5454 ≤0.25 ≤0.10 2.4~3.0 ≤0.25 0.50~1.0 ≤0.20 0.05~0.20 ≤0.40 ≤0.05 Balance

5454 aluminum plate mechanical properties

Temper Thickness(mm) Tensile Strength(N/mm²) Yield Strength(N/mm²) Elongation(%)
0.5mm 0.8mm 1.2mm 2.6mm 3mm
5454 o 0.2-6 210-285 80 12 14 16 18 14
5454 H22 0.2-3 250-305 180 4 5 7 8 13
5454 H24 0.2-3 265-325 200 3 4 5 6 10

What is aluminum sheet 5454 equivalent to?

Aluminum alloy 5454 is roughly equivalent to the following alloy standards: ASTM B209,AA5454, ISO AlMg3Mn.

Aluminum sheet 5454 standards

  • ASTM B 209
  • ASTM B 221
  • ASTM B 547
  • ISO 6361

Reference: wikipedia;

5454 aluminum sheet alloy tempers

  • 5454 o aluminum sheet
  • 5454 H22 aluminum sheet
  • 5454 H32 aluminum sheet
  • 5454 H34 aluminum sheet
  • 5454 H111 aluminum sheet

5454 aluminium alloy sheet physical properties

  • Density: 2.69 g/cm³、2.7×10³kg/m³、168 lb/ft3.
  • Young’s modulus: 70 GPa/ 10 Msi.
  • Electrical conductivity: 34% IACS.
  • Ultimate tensile strength: 240-300 MPa
  • Thermal Conductivity: 130 W/m-K.
  • Thermal Expansion: 22.3 μm/m-K.

Al-Mg 5000 series aluminum sheet

aluminium 5454 5005 aluminum 5050 aluminum 5052 aluminum 5056 aluminum
5083 aluminum 5254 aluminum Aluminum 5086 5182 aluminum 5754 aluminum
5154 aluminum 5183 aluminum 5251 aluminum 5019 aluminum 5554 aluminum

5454 O aluminum sheet

Aluminum alloy 5454 O has very good corrosion resistance, especially to seawater and general environmental conditions. Aluminum sheet 5454 is similar in strength to 5754 and has good strength even in the temperature range of 65 to 170 degrees Celsius.

What is 5454 aluminum sheet used for?

5454 aluminum plate has excellent performance and characteristics and is usually used in some specific applications.

1. 5454 aluminum is used in ship manufacturing: 5454 aluminum plates are often used to manufacture ship hulls and ship structures. It has excellent corrosion resistance and can resist corrosion in seawater.

2. 5454 aluminum is used in shipbuilding to manufacture oil tanks and tanks: 5454 has high strength and corrosion resistance and is often used to manufacture oil tanks, oil tanks and other containers for storing liquids.

3. 5454 aluminum used in automotive parts: 5454 aluminum plates can be used in automotive chassis, body parts and vehicle structures.

4. 5454 aluminum used in aircraft structures: The aviation industry also widely uses 5454 aluminum plates to manufacture aircraft structural parts because of its high corrosion resistance and lightweight properties.

5. 5454 aluminum is used in high-speed railway vehicles: 5454 aluminum plates can be used in the body structure of high-speed railway vehicles, reducing the weight of the entire vehicle.

6. 5454 aluminum is used in chemical equipment: 5454 aluminum plate alloy has excellent corrosion resistance, and 5454 aluminum plate is used to manufacture chemical equipment and containers.

7. Aluminum plate 5454 used in building materials: 5454 aluminum plate can be used for structural elements in buildings, such as beams, columns and curtain walls, because of its high strength and corrosion resistance.

5454 aluminum vs 5052 aluminum sheet

The similarities and differences between 5454 and 5052.

Property/Characteristic Aluminum 5454 Aluminum 5052
Alloy Composition Al, Mg, Mn Al, Mg
Tensile Strength Higher than 5052 Lower than 5454
Corrosion Resistance Excellent corrosion resistance, particularly in marine environments Good corrosion resistance, but not as high as 5454
Weldability Good weldability, can be easily welded using various methods Excellent weldability, commonly used for welding and fabricating
Formability Excellent formability, suitable for various forming processes Very good formability, suitable for a wide range of forming applications
Strength Higher strength, suitable for structural applications Moderate strength, commonly used for general-purpose applications
Applications Commonly used in marine, automotive, and structural applications Used in various general-purpose and architectural applications

5454 aluminum sheet supplier

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