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How much is the price of aluminum?

Aluminum is a metal with abundant reserves in nature. It has good metallic properties and is widely used in the market. Therefore, from the beginning of the use of aluminum metal to a large amount of investment in industry and life, the price of aluminum has also been rising. Today (2024.1.18) the aluminum price has reached 19370¥/Ton (2692$/Ton, 2122£/Ton)

Currency RMB Dollar GBP
Aluminum Price 19370 RMB USD 2692 2122 Pounds
price of aluminum per pound

aluminum price today

How much price of aluminum per pound?

The price of one ton of aluminum ingots is about US$2,692, and 1 ton=2204.62262185 pounds (1ton=2204.6lb), so the aluminum price per pound is 1.22$/pound.

Aluminum Price Per Pound Table
Currency RMB Dollar GBP
Aluminum Price  8.6863 RMB USD 1.22 0.962  Pounds

Are aluminum prices affected by exchange rates?

Will the aluminum price per pound be affected when the exchange rate changes? There is a certain relationship between the price of aluminum and the exchange rate. As a globally traded commodity, the price of aluminum is affected by the exchange rate of the U.S. dollar. This is because international aluminum ingot transactions are mainly priced in US dollars, so fluctuations in the US dollar exchange rate will have an impact on aluminum prices.

Will aluminum prices be high if the exchange rate is high?

Aluminum prices typically fall when the U.S. dollar rises because a rising U.S. dollar makes aluminum ingots priced in U.S. dollars more expensive for holders of other currencies, reducing demand and prices. Conversely, aluminum prices typically rise when the U.S. dollar falls because a weaker U.S. dollar makes aluminum ingots relatively cheaper in U.S. dollars, boosting demand and prices.

Price of aluminum deep processing products

There is a big difference between the price per pound of aluminum and the price per pound of aluminum deep processing. Aluminum ingots are the raw materials for various deep-processing products. After a series of processing, the raw materials can be converted into the aluminum plates, aluminum coils, aluminum foils, aluminum discs, aluminum strips and other products we need. These preliminary processed products can be further produced into various products in daily life.

How much aluminum price per pound

How much aluminum price per pound?

Due to the processing technology, aluminum ingot price per pound and aluminum sheet price per pound, aluminum foil price per pound, aluminum coil price per pound, aluminum circle price per pound, the prices between these categories are all very different of.

Price of aluminum sheet per pound

Aluminum sheet is a common aluminum alloy raw material. The thickness of aluminum plate is usually between 0.5mm-80mm. The aluminum price per pound will also be different for different thicknesses.

The price of aluminum per pound

Product Aluminum Sheet Aluminum Foil Aluminum Coil Aluminum Circle Aluminum Strip
Aluminum Price Per Pound In RMB 20-40 20-50 20-40 20-40 20-40
Aluminum Price Per Pound In USD 11.503-23.006 11.503-33.006 11.503-33.006 11.503-33.006 11.503-33.006
Aluminum Price Per Pound In GBP 9.07-18.14 9.07-28.14 9.07-28.14 9.07-28.14 9.07-28.14


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