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aluminum trim coil

    Alloy 1000-8000 series
    Thickness 0.02mm-0.60mm
    Width 80mm-2650mm
    Length 120mm-10000mm
    Temper .H12 – H112, T2 – T8, T251 – T651 etc.
    Supplier Huawei Aluminum
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What is aluminum trim coil?

Aluminum trim coil refers to a flat metal sheet, made of aluminum, manufactured in continuous coils and used for a variety of exterior applications, especially in the construction and home improvement industries. It is often used to wrap or cover exterior surfaces such as door and window frames, fascias and other decorative elements.

aluminum trim coil
Aluminum coil trim specification supply

aluminum trim coils are packaged in large rolls that can be easily handled, cut and mounted on different surfaces. Decorative coils supplied by Huawei Aluminum are available in various widths, thicknesses and lengths to meet your different project requirements.

Aluminum trim coil thickness

Aluminum decorative rolls are available in a variety of thicknesses, ranging from 0.014 inches (0.36mm) to 0.024 inches (0.61mm), and there are several commonly used specifications.

Thickness(inch) Thickness(mm)
0.014″ 0.36 mm
0.016″ 0.41 mm
0.018″ 0.46 mm
0.020″ 0.51 mm
0.024″ 0.61 mm

Aluminum gutter coil

  • 1 gutter trim aluminum coil
  • 2 gutter trim aluminum coil
  • 3 gutter trim aluminum coil
  • 4 gutter trim aluminum coil
  • 5 gutter trim aluminum coil
  • 6 gutter trim aluminum coil
  • 7 gutter trim aluminum coil
  • 8gutter trim aluminum coil
  • 9 gutter trim aluminum coil
  • 10 gutter trim aluminum coil
  • 11 gutter trim aluminum coil
  • 12 gutter trim aluminum coil
  • 13 gutter trim aluminum coil
  • 14 gutter trim aluminum coil
  • 15 gutter trim aluminum coil
  • 16 gutter trim aluminum coil
  • 17 gutter trim aluminum coil
  • 18 gutter trim aluminum coil
  • 19 gutter trim aluminum coil
  • 20 gutter trim aluminum coil

Product features of trim coil aluminum

Aluminium trim coils offer several advantages.
1. Aluminium trim coil is light in weight, more convenient to install and handle.
2.Aluminium trim coil roll is durable and corrosion resistant, suitable for outdoor applications exposed to harsh weather conditions.
3. Aluminuim trim coils can also provide a sleek, clean look that enhances the beauty of a building or structure.
4. Durable. Aluminum metal has excellent durability and will not corrode or rust. This makes the trim coil ideal for outdoor applications, able to withstand long-term exposure from sunlight, rain, humidity and other weather conditions.
5. Easy to install: Aluminum coil trim  has a longer length, which reduces seams and connection points during installation.
6. Low maintenance: Due to the good durability and corrosion resistance of aluminum trim foil coil, aluminium trim coil will not fade, peel or deform, reducing the need for repair or replacement.

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Trim aluminum coil type

What are the different types of trim aluminum coils?
There are many types of trim aluminum  coil, and Huawei Aluminum can supply different types according to various needs.

Aluminum trim coil colors
  • white aluminum coil trim
  • black aluminum coil trim
  • brown aluminum trim coil
  • dark bronze aluminum coil trim
  • gray trim aluminium coil
  • green aluminum trim coil
  • red aluminum trim coil
  • pvc aluminium trim coil
  • poly aluminium trim coil
  • painted aluminium trim coil
  • rollex aluminium trim coil
  • aluminum trim coil 24 x 50
  • 24 x 50 aluminium trim coil
  • 24 x 50′ aluminum trim coil
  • 14 x 50 aluminum trim coil
  • 24 in. x 50 ft. bright white aluminum trim coil
  • 032 aluminium trim coil
  • 030 aluminium trim coil
  • 024 aluminum coil trim
  • 24 trim aluminium coil
  • 10 inch aluminum coil trim
  • aluminium trim coil gauge
  • 12 aluminium trim coil

What is aluminium trim coils used for?

Aluminum trim coil is primarily used for exterior applications in the construction and home improvement industries.

Exterior finishes: such as window and door frames, fascias, soffits and corner posts.
Siding: Aluminum coil trim can be used to create visual accents and details on the exterior walls of buildings.
Gutter Trim: Aluminum trim coils are commonly used to cover and protect the edges of gutters, downspouts and other drainage systems.
Flashing: trim aluminium coil is used as a waterproofing material around windows, doors, roof penetrations, and other areas where water may enter a building.

Garage Door Trim: Aluminum coil trim  can be used as trim trim around your garage door, adding a polished and cohesive look to the exterior of your home.

Trim aluminium coil can be used as signage and branding

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