1050 aluminum foil

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1050 aluminum foil

    Alloy 1050(1000 series)
    Thickness 0.01mm-6mm
    Width 80mm-2650mm
    Length 120mm-10000mm
    Temper .H12 – H112, T2 – T8, T251 – T651 etc.
    Supplier Huawei Aluminum
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What is aluminum foil 1050 grade?

“1050 aluminum foil” refers to a special type of aluminum foil made of alloy 1050, aluminum foil 1050 is the more common type of 1000 series aluminum alloy.1050 aluminum foil is a thin aluminum metal that is widely used in various applications due to its unique properties. Alloy 1050 is a commercially pure aluminum alloy with a 99.5% aluminum content and very low levels of other elements.

1050 aluminum foil

1050 aluminum foil

1050 aluminum foil chemical element content table(%):

Alloy Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Zn V Ti Al
1050 0.25 0.40 0.05 0.05 0.05 0.05 0.05 0.03 99.5

1050 aluminum foil mechanical performance parameters

Temper Condition Tensile Strength(Mpa) Elongation(%)
1050 HO aluminum foil 60-95 25-35
1050 H12 aluminum foil 95-120 2-8
1050 H14 aluminum foil 110-145 1-5
1050 H16 aluminum foil 130-165 1-4
1050 H18 aluminum foil 150-180 0.5-3
1050 H22 aluminum foil 110-145 3-8
1050 H24 aluminum foil 125-160 2-6
1050 H26 aluminum foil 140-175 1-5

What is 1050 aluminum foil used for?

1050 aluminum foil is low in price, so it is widely used. It is often used in aluminum foil composite, barbecue, food lunch box, heat sealing foil, cable foil, household packaging, food packaging, beer label foil, bottle cap material, single zero foil, double zero foil, etc. scene.

Composite aluminum foil Aluminum foil composite Food container foil food container foil
Cable Aluminum Foil Cable Aluminum Foil Household packaging aluminum foil Household packaging aluminum foil
Single zero aluminum foil Single-Zero-Aluminum-Foil Double zero aluminum foil Double zero aluminum foil

1050 aluminum foil thickness

Aluminum foil usually comes in various thicknesses. 1050 aluminium foil is a very thin aluminum foil that is used as packaging material. The thickness of 1050 aluminium foil will vary depending on the application.
aluminum 1050  foil thickness range:

Standard household foil: approximately 0.4 microns.
Heavy Foil: Approximately 0.6 micron.
Extra Heavy Duty Foil: Approximately 0.76 microns.

These are approximate thicknesses for 1050 aluminium foil applications. Thicknesses may vary by manufacturer and specific product.
If you have precise requirements for aluminum foil thickness, Huawei Aluminum can customize it to your needs.

Can 1050 aluminum foil be welded?

1050 foil is part of the 1xxx series of aluminum alloys with high purity and good weldability characteristics. Therefore, 1050 aluminum foil is weldable. The composition of 1050 aluminum exceeds 99%. Its high purity and low alloy content contribute to its excellent weldability.

Aluminum 1050 foil equivalent name

  • A1050
  • aa1050
  • aw1050
  • en1050 grade
  • ASTM B209 1050

1050 h18 aluminum foil

1050-H18 aluminum foil is a specific state of aluminum foil made of 1050 aluminum alloy. , the “H18” tempered condition has relatively high hardness and strength levels. 1050-H18 aluminum foil is used in a variety of applications that require a combination of strength and formability, such as the manufacture of containers, packaging and other products. Aluminum foil h18 enhances the flexibility and formability of aluminum foil, making it more widely used.

1000 series aluminum foil

Aluminum foil 1050 is the most common one in the 1xxx series, and there are other models in the aluminum foil series.

  • 1060 aluminum foil
  • 1070 aluminum foil
  • 1100 aluminum foil
  • 1200 aluminum foil
  • 1235 aluminum foil
  • 1350 aluminum foil

1050 aluminum foil vs 1100 aluminum foil

Aluminum foil 1100 and 1050 are both common models in the 1 series. They both have the characteristics of high purity and light weight. Both alloys have their own characteristics. The table below shows common differences between the two.

Characteristic 1100 Aluminum Foil 1050 Aluminum Foil
Alloy Composition 99.00% Aluminum 99.50% Aluminum
Other Alloying Elements Minimal impurities Minimal impurities
Strength Relatively low Relatively low
Corrosion Resistance Excellent Excellent
Conductivity High High
Formability Good Good
Weldability Excellent Excellent
Machinability Fair Fair
Applications – Packaging – Packaging
– Insulation – Insulation
– Heat exchangers – Heat exchangers
– Chemical and food industry – Chemical and food industry
Availability Widely available Widely available

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