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1100 aluminum foil

    Alloy 1100(1000 series)
    Moq 3Tons
    Thickness 0.1-5mm
    Width min 100mm, max 2600mm
    Temper O, H14, H16, H18
    Technology hot rolled ( DC ), cold rolling ( CC ), cast
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What is 1100 grade aluminium foil?

“1100 aluminum foil” refers to a kind of aluminum alloy foil, “1100” is the alloy number of the aluminum alloy, which means that the aluminum alloy content of aluminum foil 1100 is 99%, which is the alloy with higher commercial purity in the 1000 series alloy.

1100 aluminum foil product

1100 aluminum foil product

1100 aluminum foil chemical composition

Aluminum foil 1100 element content table(%)
Alloy Al Si Fe Cu Zn Mn V Mg Others
1100 99.0 0.45 0.35 0.05-0.20 0.01 0.035 0.05 / 0.05

1100 aluminum foil product characteristics

1100 aluminum foil strip belongs to pure aluminum alloy series, with relatively low strength, excellent ductility, formability, weldability and corrosion resistance; after anodizing, the corrosion resistance can be further improved, and a beautiful surface can be obtained at the same time; but it cannot be strengthened by heat treatment . Al 1100 foil is best suited for welding, brazing and brazing, but is less machinable. 1100 aluminum foil has an excellent finish and is an excellent choice for decorative purposes.

Aluminum foil 1100 product specifications

Grade 1000 series
Temper O,H18,H19,H22,H24
Thickness 0.005-0.5mm
Length Customized
Width 120mm-1650mm
Tolerance ±3%
I.D Core 76mm / 152 mm
Surface Finish bright, matte
Treatment Printed
Applications Food packaging,Insulation,Household Use

1100 aluminum foil density

Foil Alloy 1100 has a density of approximately 2.7 grams per cubic centimeter (g/cm³) or 2700 kilograms per cubic meter (kg/m³). This is the standard density value for most aluminum alloys, including alloy 1100. The density of aluminum alloy 1100 may vary slightly due to factors such as impurities and manufacturing processes.

Properties of aluminum 1100 foil

1100 Aluminum Foil is a non-thermally strengthenable alloy that generally has good weldability and corrosion resistance. At the same time, it has many other product characteristics.

1. High purity: Alloy 1100 is almost pure aluminum, and its aluminum content exceeds 99%.

2. Good softness: Since it has not undergone heat treatment, 1100 alloy is usually soft and easy to process and bend.

3. Strong electrical conductivity: pure aluminum has good electrical conductivity, so 1100 aluminum foil is often used in the fields of electronics and electrical appliances.

4. Corrosion resistance: 1100 aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance in most environments, especially in the atmosphere.

5. Strong weldability: Due to its low melting point and good weldability, 1100 aluminum alloy is very suitable for various welding methods.

The characteristics of 1100 aluminum foil alloy can be widely used in food packaging, household items, electronic equipment casings, etc.

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Aluminum foil 1100 use type

1100 aluminum foil can be divided into various categories according to the use and characteristics.

  • 1100 wrapping foil:

Use for packaged food such as sandwiches, leftovers and snacks.
Used in the packaging of a variety of food products, including dairy products, confectionary and ready meals.

  • 1100 pharmaceutical packaging foil

Pharmaceutical packaging for pharmaceuticals and medical products.

  • 1100 household foil:

For cooking, baking and grilling, it is a convenient and hygienic way to prepare and handle food.

  • 1100 industrial aluminum foil:

Used in industrial applications such as insulation, its reflective properties help manage heat transfer.
Used in the automotive industry for heat and sound insulation.

  • 1100 electrical foil:

Due to the good conductivity and lightweight properties of 1100 aluminum, 1100 can be used in electrical components such as capacitors, transformers and electrical coils.

  • 1100 aluminum heat exchange foil:

Used in HVAC systems and heat exchangers to improve heat transfer efficiency.
Usually designed with a specific pattern to improve airflow and heat exchange.

  • Aluminum 1100 Laminated Foil:

Used in various laminated structures such as aluminum foil with paper or plastic layers to provide barrier properties, moisture resistance and other functions.

  • Aluminum 1100 insulation foil:

Used in buildings and construction to insulate, reflect heat and help maintain interior temperatures.

Use for decorative purposes in crafts, art projects, and interior design.
Can be embossed, colored or patterned for added visual appeal.

  • 1100 smoke aluminum foil:

Used in cigarette packaging to maintain freshness and prevent tobacco damage.

  • 1100 flexible packaging foil:

Used in flexible packaging applications such as pouches and pouches for a variety of products including snacks, beverages and personal care.

Aluminum 1100 foil mechanical properties

1100-O aluminum foil (Soft):

  • Tensile Strength: 13,000 psi (90 MPa)
  • Yield Strength: 5,000 psi (35 MPa)
  • Elongation: 30%

1100-H14 aluminum foil

  • Tensile Strength: 18,000 psi (125 MPa)
  • Yield Strength: 14,000 psi (95 MPa)
  • Elongation: 12%

1100-H16 aluminum foil

  • Tensile Strength: 21,000 psi (145 MPa)
  • Yield Strength: 18,000 psi (125 MPa)
  • Elongation: 6%

1100-H18 aluminum foil

  • Tensile Strength: 24,000 psi (165 MPa)
  • Yield Strength: 21,000 psi (145 MPa)
  • Elongation: 4%

1100-H19 aluminum foil :

  • Tensile Strength: 26,000 psi (180 MPa)
  • Yield Strength: 23,000 psi (160 MPa)
  • Elongation: 3%

What is aa1100 aluminum foil standard?

AA1100 refers to aluminum alloy 1100, which is a commercially pure aluminum alloy with excellent corrosion resistance, high electrical conductivity, and good processability. The “AA” prefix stands for the Aluminum Association, a U.S. organization that develops standards and guidelines for the aluminum industry. The Aluminum Association has assigned numerical names to various aluminum alloys for easy identification and classification.

Alloy 1100 is often referred to as “commercially pure” aluminum because it contains a minimum of 99.00% aluminum. It is one of the most common aluminum alloys, known for its softness and absence of important alloying elements.


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