Do you konw what is coated aluminum foil?

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What is coated aluminum foil?

Coated aluminum foil is a process of coating the surface of aluminum foil with a layer of special material in order to enhance the performance of the aluminum foil and give it more functions. This coating can be a variety of resins or paints, aluminum foil coating can provide excellent static conductive properties and a protective energy-absorbing layer, as well as good covering and protection properties.

coated aluminum foil

coated aluminum foil

Types of aluminum foil

Aluminum foil coated is one of the types of aluminum foil alloys. According to the processing state, aluminum foil can be divided into plain foil, embossed foil, composite foil, coated foil, colored aluminum foil and printed aluminum foil. Coated aluminum foil achieves the effect by coating the surface with resin or paint. Colored aluminum foil is aluminum foil coated with a single color on the surface. Printed aluminum foil is aluminum foil that forms various patterns, patterns, text or pictures on the surface through printing.

Coated aluminum foil general specification:

Product name: one or two sides coated aluminum foil for PIR/PUR board use/insulation
Thickness:0.018-0.2 mm
Width:1215/1220mm etc
ID:Fe 76/152
OD:500-700 mm or so
Coating : Transparent Anti-corrosion Coating outside , Blue glue epoxy coating inside -main function is to bond with Phenolic Foam Board stronger (blue, pink,green etc)
Surface : embosed or flat

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