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3003 aluminum foil

    Alloy 3003(3000 series)
    Moq 5 Tons
    Thickness 0.015-0.3mm
    Width min 100mm, max 2600mm
    Temper O, H14, H16, H18,H22,H24
    Technology hot rolled ( DC ), cold rolling ( CC ), cast
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What is aluminum foil grade 3003?

3003 aluminum foil is a commonly used aluminum alloy, belonging to the 3xxx series aluminum alloy, also known as the AL-Mn series alloy, and is a kind of anti-rust aluminum widely used in the 3xxx series.
Aluminum foil 3003 has good comprehensive properties of strength, formability and corrosion resistance, and is the best aluminum alloy material in industry

aluminum foil 3003

3003 aluminum foil product introduction

The strength of 3003 aluminum alloy is not high (slightly higher than 1000 series industrial pure aluminum foil). AW3003 cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, but its mechanical properties can be improved through cold working.

Aluminum 3003 foil has high plasticity in the annealed state, good plasticity when semi-cold work hardening, and good weldability. Good plasticity and weldability make 3003 aluminum foil products suitable for low-load parts working in liquid or gaseous media, such as fuel tanks, gasoline or lubricating oil conduits and other applications.

3003 aluminum foil metal element content

Alloy Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Zn Cr Ti Others
3003 0.6 0.7 0.05-0.20 1.0-1.5 / 0.10 / / 0.20

3003 aluminum foil mechanical properties

Alloy Temper Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation
3003-O Aluminum Foil 70 MPa 35 MPa 20%
3003-H14 Aluminum Foil 140 MPa 125 MPa 20%
3003-H16 Aluminum Foil 165 MPa 145 MPa 4%
3003-H18 Aluminum Foil 185 MPa 170 MPa 3%
3003-H22 Aluminum Foil 195 MPa 180 MPa 2%
3003-H24 Aluminum Foil 210 MPa 195 MPa 2%

What is 3003 aluminum foil used for?

3003 aluminum foil has good performance in alloy strength, formability and corrosion resistance. There are some common uses:

Aluminum foil 3003 for packaging: 3003 aluminum foil is commonly used for packaging purposes. It is used in the manufacture of flexible packaging materials such as foil containers, lids, bags and blister packs.

aluminum foil for packaging

Aluminum foil 3003 for heat exchangers: The good thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance of 3003 alloy make it suitable for heat exchangers and air conditioning components, and can effectively transfer heat.

Aluminum foil 3003 for heat exchangers

Aluminum foil 3003 for cookware: Due to its formability and corrosion resistance, 3003 aluminum foil can be easily used in the manufacture of cookware such as pots, pans and baking sheets.

Aluminum foil 3003 for cookware

Aluminum foil 3003 for decorative and embossed foil: Aluminum 3003 can be easily embossed or textured, making it useful for decorative applications on packaging, labels, and other products that require a unique appearance.

3003 aluminum foil characteristics

3003 foil Corrosion resistance: 3003 aluminium foil has excellent corrosion resistance and can well adapt to humid and marine environments.

Aluminum foil 3003 has good formability: Aluminum 3003 is highly formable and can be easily formed and molded into various configurations without cracking.

Balanced strength: 3003 aluminium foil is weaker than 5000 series aluminum foil in strength, but 3003 aluminum foil can still achieve a good balance between strength and formability.

Good thermal conductivity: 3003 aluminum foil has good thermal conductivity and can be used as heat exchangers and other applications that require efficient heat transfer.

Good weldability: Good weldability enables the manufacture of many complex structures and components.

Non-heat treatable: 3003 aluminum foil is a non-heat treatable alloy and cannot be strengthened by heat treatment process.

Lightweight: With a density of 2.7g/cm³, aluminum foil is a lightweight material that enables light weight applications.


3003 aluminum foil manufacturers

Huawei Aluminum is a large-scale manufacturer of 3003 aluminum foil. Its 3003-H18 aluminum foil, 3003-O aluminum foil, 3003-H24 aluminum foil, etc. are our hot-selling aluminum alloy products. They can be used in food packaging, household and industrial packaging. Application performance. We can sell at factory 3003 aluminum foil price and provide you with the most suitable purchasing plan.

3003 aluminum foil packaging details

Huawei Aluminum Alloy packaging will strictly adhere to customer requirements for labeling and packaging, and use film or kraft paper on the packaging to protect the product. My packaging uses wooden pallets or wooden boxes to ensure the maximum product protection.

Difference between aluminum coil 3003  and 6061 ?

3003 is a regular model of the 3xxx series, and 6061 is the most commonly used one in the 6xxx series. The alloy compositions of the two are very different, so they also have large differences in some characteristics.

Property 3003 Aluminum Coil 6061 Aluminum Coil
Alloy Composition Primarily aluminum with manganese added Aluminum, magnesium, and silicon alloy
Strength Relatively low High
Formability Excellent Good
Weldability Excellent (particularly with TIG welding) Good (requires specific welding techniques)
Corrosion Resistance Excellent for many environments Moderate, can be enhanced with coatings
Machinability Good Excellent
Heat Treatment Not heat treatable Heat treatable, can be strengthened
Applications General-purpose, cooking utensils, sheet metal work Aerospace, structural components, automotive parts


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